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Clinical Resource Team

clinical resource team members

Experience the full breadth of health care within one organization. The Clinical Resource Team (CRT) at OSF HealthCare is a systemwide float pool that gives experienced nurses the opportunity to use their expertise in different settings and levels of care. By joining this dynamic team, you’ll have the flexibility and variety of a travel nursing career while staying close to home. 

The CRT serves the Ministry of OSF HealthCare by deploying experienced, flexible RNs to all of our facilities. The CRT supports 12 hospitals in Illinois, ranging from critical access to tertiary care, including two Level 1 Trauma Centers and Level 2 Trauma Center. You will have the opportunity to work in different communities within your region, giving you a unique view of patient care. And since you’ll always work within OSF HealthCare, the culture and processes are consistent.

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Job Types

The Clinical Resource Team supports a variety of different settings and levels of care within OSF HealthCare including:

  • Emergency Department
  • Adult intensive care and intermediate care
  • Medical-surgical
  • Telemetry
  • Pediatrics and neonatal
  • Labor and delivery


Why Choose OSF?

  • Our Mission is not just a statement for our nurses – it’s a way of life. Everyone at OSF HealthCare is a Mission Partner, working to serve with the greatest care and love.
  • Our Mission doesn't just guide our interactions with patients; it drives every interaction we have with one another. We value justice, compassion, integrity and teamwork.
  • As a member of the OSF HealthCare family, you can expect to be part of a supportive work environment that demonstrates respect for every individual.
  • With the CRT, OSF HealthCare can connect the right nurse to the right patient to improve outcomes.


  • Why does OSF HealthCare have a CRT?

  • The CRT serves the Ministry of OSF HealthCare by deploying nurses experienced in their specialty to our facilities. The CRT provides OSF HealthCare to give our patients the highest quality of care by using quick, flexible staffing.

  • How is the CRT different from float or travel nursing?

  • The CRT is a unique blend of float and travel nursing experiences. While travel nurses may cover long distances for assignments lasting months at a time, the CRT offers travel opportunities within a pre-defined region and control over your schedule. Staying within one organization also means that electronic medical records will be consistent.

    Because CRT nurses move between facilities near their home, they have the opportunity to work in different environments while remaining in their chosen field, such as medical-surgical, telemetry or ICU. And since you are always working within OSF HealthCare, full-time nurses receive the benefits of being a Mission Partner, including medical and dental insurance, 401(k) and paid time off.

  • How is the CRT different from an inpatient nurse position?

  • The CRT is an ideal placement for nurses who are experienced in their field and want a career path that allows them to continue working in patient care. Nurses in the CRT should be independent and quick to adapt to new environments. CRT nurses must have a minimum of two years’ recent experience, including one year in their specialty of choice. This position is not available to new graduates.

  • What are the benefits of joining the CRT?

  • Some nurses thrive in new or changing environments. The CRT is an ideal opportunity for experienced nurses who want to further their careers and continue to grow their expertise within their field, while staying within a single organization. Working across OSF HealthCare facilities, you’ll have the opportunity to care for patients in different communities and gain unique perspective and experiences as a result.

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