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Escanaba, Michigan

Escanaba, Michigan is located on the northwestern shores of Lake Michigan. Located in the heart of Delta County, Escanaba is the third-largest city in the Upper Peninsula and has a growing population of over 12,000.

Escanaba, Michigan (Map) The city's roots date back to the Civil War when it was established as a port town and shipping point for iron ore, lumber, and copper. To this day, Escanaba remains one of the safest natural harbors in the upper Great Lakes area.

For those looking to relocate to this beautiful area, there are definitely plenty of reasons to come. The Delta County is hope to a wide variety of commercial and industrial employment opportunities from wood manufacturing and paper mills to ore shipping.

The area also provides a wide variety of residential opportunities from secluded, natural environments to lake-shore views and in-town neighborhoods.

Escanaba boasts over 400 acres of maintained parks and playgrounds, a diverse downtown shopping district, a quality educational system, and a variety of cultural opportunities including a local art center, community theatre, and a municipal band.

With Lake Michigan and plenty of state and national parks being a stone's throw away, the Delta County area provides plenty of recreational opportunities including fishing, hunting, hiking, snowmobiling, skiing, canoeing, swimming and boating, to name a few.


The Escanaba Area Public School District provides an outstanding educational system to over 2,700 students and families and boasts a number of state and national awards in academics, athletics, and fine arts. The public school system employs over 300 teachers, aides, administrators, and support staff. In addition, Holy Name Catholic School is a private religious elementary school located in Escanaba and serves the children of the local parishes.

The Gladstone Area Public School District also serves the community of Gladstone, only a few miles north of Escanaba. This district provides another source of education for over 1,500 students as well.

For those seeking higher education opportunities, Bay de Noc Community College (known as Bay College) has been serving the area for over 40 years. The College, home to the first Michigan Technical Education Center in the State of Michigan, serves over 5,000 credit students per year, providing baccalaureate and master degree programs.

Shopping & Recreation

Escanaba and the Delta County area offer a wide variety of shopping and recreational opportunities for residents of all ages. For those who enjoy fine dining, the area provides a range of culinary experiences including specialty sandwich shops, coffeehouses, breweries, steakhouses, and bakeries.

For those looking for some retail therapy, the downtown Escanaba area provides a beautiful shopping district including free WiFi for residents and visitors. Shops in the area cover a wide variety of retail services including jewelry, designer clothing, music, hardware, electronics, books, and recreational.

Boredom is one word you won't hear the residents using around this area either. As one of the largest shoreline areas in the United States, fishing, hiking, hunting, camping, and the outdoors is a way of life. The Upper Peninsula is also home to beautiful state and national parks and historic sites. For the more adventurous, we also have rock climbing and scuba diving (including our own shipwreck). Last, but not least, for those avid golfers, the community is home to six beautiful golf courses as well.

Arts & Culture

With a rich history stemming back to the Civil War and being one of the most active harbors on Lake Michigan, Escanaba provides a perfect mix of American art and culture. For those who love the fine arts, Escanaba is home to the William Bonifas Arts Center, the Waterfront Art Festival, the Escanaba City Band, the Bay de Noc Choral Society, and the Players de Noc, a local community theatre group. In addition, there are a number of small galleries and organizations for artists of all ages.

If you are more of a history buff, you will be happy to know that area attractions include Cedar River Lighthouse, Sand Point Lighthouse, the Delta County Historical Museum, the Upper Peninsula Steam & Gas Engine Museum, and a number of historical sites all around the Upper Peninsula and Delta County areas.


Churches and religious institutions abound in the Upper Peninsula as well. With over 60 houses of worship including 10 Catholic churches in the Delta County area, the spiritual needs of Escanaba residents are well satisfied. This region also houses some of the most beautiful religious architecture in the state.

Real Estate

Whether you enjoy suburban residential living or secluded natural environments, the Upper Peninsula provides a variety of residential opportunities. As one of the most beautiful, clean, and safe places to live in Michigan, the Escanaba area is ideal for raising a family.